Success Grenade Issue 1:
The Number 1 Mistake That
Newcomers Make Online


Hello – this is Chris Farrell.

Welcome to issue number 1 of SUCCESS GRENADE.

What is Success Grenade?

SUCCESS GRENADE is a weekly, free, online newsletter that will
explain step-by-step how you can use the Internet to earn an additional income.

Despite what you may currently be thinking!

I’ve said this before – but I’ll say it again.

Making money online is a skill. Just like cooking,
carpentry, or football. But like any skill – IT CAN BE LEARNED.

In this very first issue of Success Grenade please
allow me a few moments of your time to share with you

Let me explain more in this short video…

The Number 1 Mistake That Newcomers Online Make

Let’s talk about PRODUCTS!

This is where I see a lot of people online make a common mistake.

A lot of people will discover a product online and think
they will make a great deal of money ‘simply’ by promoting it.

But what happens?

Very very quickly – most discover that it is not as easy as it seems.


Because most people do not know HOW to ACTUALLY promote a product.

Which brings me to the point of this week’s SUCCESS GRENADE

I want you to FORGET about what product(s) you want to sell (for now).

Instead – we are going to tap into a little secret that all successful marketers like to keep relatively quiet.

QUESTION: Do you know how the MAJORITY of people make REGULAR money online?

ANSWER: They sell direct to their own list.

Read that again!! And think about it.

They sell to people who are ALREADY on their list.

And how do they have their own list? These marketers work
hard to capture our details when we visit their website in the first place.

The Money Is In The List.

These savvy marketers spend time and energy building their list – and then EVERY TIME they have a product, they bang out an email to this list. And because they have spent time cultivating and building a relationship with their list… sales ALWAYS follow. Literally — EVERY time.

This method has been proven time and time again as so much
easier – than trying to sell ‘cold’ to a first-time visitor to your site.

The money really is in the list.

I see many newcomers to this business make the same mistake. They mistakenly
believe that simply having a product online (as good as the product may be) will result in sales.

That may have been the case 5/6/7 years ago – but not now.

The Number #1 Mistake That
Newcomers Online Make


The number 1 mistake that most newcomers online make -
is they try to sell a product straight away.

I see so many new to this business trying to SELL
a product direct from their site IMMEDIATELY.

This is very, very difficult .

A lot of newcomers believe that
just HAVING a product on a site is enough.

It isn’t.

5,6,7 years ago maybe — but not now.

A lot of newcomers will get all
excited about having a shiny, sparkly product.

Now I certainly am NOT crushing any
passion or enthusiasm (as that’s vitally important…)

…I am however saying that just having a product – is not enough.

I see COUNTLESS newcomers believe that
‘all they need is a product online’
(I hear this many times too…)

And this really does sadden me — as when no sales come in
(which invariably is the case) — the initial all important enthusiasm gets slowly chipped away.

Then over the following weeks, it’s goodbye excitement and
hello resentment. The final rampage is usually something like

‘…the web is a con, you can’t make any money…’

Well…the web is not a con.

And you certainly can make great money.

And this is from someone (me) who was COMPLETELY NEW in 2008 .

So….what is the answer….???

….let me tell you.

Nowadays those that are consistently successful online have
to work a bit smarter. Not necessarily harder – but smarter.

And by that I mean…

…they build their own list.


I appreciate that you may not have thought like this yet…

I understand that you are excited to make money online as soon as possible.


….slightly changing your thinking to concentrate (for now) on simply building a list -
will be the one defining element that will separate you from the majority of people who do NOT make money online.

My favorite saying is ‘this business is a marathon – not a sprint’.

You have already come this far.

Now may I suggest you give serious consideration to just waiting
a few more weeks — and instead spend the next few weeks beginning to build your own list.

So to sum up – the three most important elements to your business are:

1. Building Your List.

2. Building Your List. And,

3. Building Your List.



Why Build A List?

So many people new to wanting to make money online
mistakenly believe that just having a website means they are in business.


There is a BIG difference between having a website and having a business.

Sure – you DO need a website.


…there are MILLIONS of websites that make NO money.

Therefore having a website is NOT a business.

And it’s the same for a product.

Tons of people mistakenly believe
that if they have a product – they are in business.


Having a product is also NOT a business.

There are hundreds of thousands of
websites that have a product yet make no money.

So – therefore – if having a website is NOT a business -
and having a product is NOT a business….what is?

What IS the key to having a successful online web business?

The answer….


Or in other words…


But WHERE and HOW do you start?

Don’t worry – I shall be addressing this in detail next week.

In Your Next Issue Of Success Grenade:

How will you ACTUALLY make money online?


Now that we understand the nos 1 mistake to avoid -
let’s go through HOW you will ACTUALLY make money online.

I will be giving you a step-by-step blow-by-blow account – of how
you can make money on the internet – in the next copy of Success Grenade!

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I hope you have enjoyed this first copy.

Talk again in 7 days….


Chris Farrell
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